Updated August 23, 2014

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B Jimminey Cricket ‘Super Bug’ HCC/AOS
(B nodosa x B digbyana)
Is a primary hybrid. The green flowers are 6½” and they produce a heavenly night fragrance. These plants are intermediate to warm growers and like bright light. The beauty of these plants is that they do not grow much higher than 12 inches and have large flowers.
3", $14
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

B nodosa grandiflora x C Cella Bella ‘Marcella’
Brassavola nodosa is a species from the tropical Americas. This plant is the grandiflora form from Belize and produces large 5” flowers. Cattleya Cella Bella produces four to six 4” flowers per stem that are heavily spotted. Expectations are for heads of spotted chestnut colored, star-shaped flowers, with a magenta lip.
4" Basket, BS, $16
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

Bepi Phoenix
(Brassavola nodosa x Encyclia phoencia)
This plant is a remake of a charming Encyclia hybrid originally registered in 1960. We have used the large flowered grandiflora variety of Brassavola nodosa and crossed it with a pure Cayman Island form of Encyclia phoencia.
4" Basket, $16
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

BLC Guess What x Schomburgkia lueddemannii
The Guess What has 4” yellow/orange flowers with a small amount of red veining on the petals and side lobes of the lip. Schomburgkia lueddemannii is the largest flowered Schomburgkia with flowers so large they drupe. If spread out flat they would be in excess of 10 inches. We hope for large star-shaped orange flowers with heavy blushing of red.
2 1/2", $12
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

C Elbowri
(C bowringiana ‘Joya de Belize’ X C elongata ‘Chocolate Dream’)
This remade hybrid brings an unusual form of bowringiana found above the tree line in Belize. The plants are stunted but have very dark, heavy textured flowers. The elongata is a large plant with a tall spike of 4” flowers. We are expecting moderate sized plants with clusters of iridescent flowers held well above the leaves. Should be very nice!
2 1/2", $12
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

C Fort Motte x C harrisoniae 'Royal Robe'
This cross is a new spotted bifoliate cattleya. We anticipate easy summer blooming plants with heads of flowers. The flowers should have a fluorescent lavender base color with dark burgundy to black spotting. Should be very showy! Blooming and plant growth should be much improved over the Fort Motte parent.
2 1/2", $14
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

C Hardyana
(C warscewiczii ‘FMB’ FCC/AOS x C dowiana v. rosita)
This is a remake of a natural hybrid utilizing Cattleya warscewiczii ‘Frau Melanie Beyrodt’ and Cattleya dowiana var. rosita. The warscewiczii clone is a highly awarded semi-alba which breeding leads to mostly semi-alba flowers. Instead of the normal form of Cattleya dowiana, the rosita form has been used. Hopefully we will see semi-albas with red veining and/or pink blushes on the petals. The flower picture is of a Cattleya Hardyana semi-alba made with a Cattleya dowiana normal form.

5", $28

C Krull's Spotted Angel
(Lulu x Mark Jones)
This is a very nice spotted hybrid that will bloom with flowers in the pink to yellow range. Plants will mature at around 12” with 3 ½” flowers … can bloom at least twice per year. The flower picture is one of our first bloom seedlings from this cross but as this is a seedling cross, expect variability.

4", $22

C Lulu ‘Carmela’
(C Brabantiae x C Penny Kuroda)
is a compact growing bifoliate hybrid that produces heads of 3 ½” light pink flowers with dark burgundy spots. These are easy vigorous growers.
2 1/2", $12

C Penang ‘Black Caesar’ AM/AOS
(C Nigrella x bowringiana)
This hybrid produces clusters of ‘picture perfect’ dark purple 4” flowers. The lip is deep velvet magenta with a golden throat. Quite a beauty!
3", $10

ENC Standard Setter 'Carpenteria' HCC/AOS x self
The plant is an easy grower with long spikes of 1½” very dark flowers. The spikes resemble Christmas trees – heavily flowered on many branches, longer branches are at the bottom of the spike.
4" Basket, $16

LC Dorothy Fiene ‘Spring Fever’ x LC Okarchee ‘Addison’
Many fall blooming lavenders exist so we thought there should be more spring blooming lavenders so we made this cross. ‘Spring Fever’ blooms very early and the Okarchee in late spring so we should have a range of large blooming lavenders across the spring show season. We expect 3-4 seven inch flowers, hopefully with the yellow throat and all with great cattleya fragrance.
2 1/2", $10
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

LC Lorraine Souto x C Horace ‘Maxima’ AM/AOS
We expect this hybrid to be mostly lavender plants with great shape and substance…the best of large corsage type cattleyas. A few plants may bloom semi-alba.
4", $16

LC Mini Purple x L dayana
are seedlings that produce 3 1/2" lavender flowers with a dark purple lip with veining in the throat. It is a miniature cattleya and is very easy growing ... can bloom twice a year. Great for windowsill groers or growing under lights!
4", BS, $16

LC Molly Tyler ‘Black River’ AM/AOS x self
‘Black River’ is the extraordinary clone of Molly Tyler and a robust grower. It has large bouquets of well-shaped dark lavender-purple 4” flowers that appear well above the foliage. It doesn't get much better than this!
2 1/2", $14
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

LC Trick or Treat x C lawrenceana
"We re-made this still unnamed cross after having seen Ed Merkle’s photograph of this hybrid. We used the flamea variety of lawrenceana so we expect some red flaring in the petals also. According to Ed’s description the plant will mature at less than 10” with well-displayed clusters of 4” flowers.

Thanks to Ed Merkle from Merkle’s Orchids for the use of his photo.
2 1/2", $12

LC Tropical Pointer ‘Cheetah’ HCC/AOS
(LC Tropic Glow x C intermedia)
A beautiful awarded mericlone that has yellow-pink flowers with heavy magenta spots and a gorgeous lip! The flowers are long-lasting and are fragrant. The plant is an easy upright grower.
2 1/2", $12
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

LC Tropical Pointer x ENC gracilis
We are hoping for one to two foot spikes with some spotted flowers. All will have big beautiful striped lips. New and unusual Epicat hybrid.
4" Basket, $16

POT Jimmy Cook x SLC Kauai Starbright
is a delightful marriage for unusual art-shade cattleyas. The best will have red/lavender highlights on a golden yellow background. All will be clusters of waxy long lasting flowers with a prominent yellow lip held on tall stems well above the foliage. The flower picture is one of our first bloomed seedlings.
4", $16

POT Little Toshie ‘H&R’ AM/AOS x BLC Mellowglow 'Greenbriar'
This is one of our newest hybrids which features a near minature orange Little Toshie crossed with a superb heirloom plant from Rivermont’s breeding program. We are expecting most to have the darker petals of Mellowglow with its 6-7 flower count on more compact plants.!
2", $8
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

Tolumnia (Sundown Reef x Red Bird Reef) x Tol guianense
This new equitant Oncidium hybrid uses one of Anita Aldrich’s complex hybrids crossed with a species from Jamaica, Oncidium guianense. This hybrid has stout, short foliage resembling guianense and will also have shorter spikes. The 3 centimeter flower is very full and features a full scalloped lip which is very attractive. Expect the spike to have up to ten flowers at maturity
2", BS, $14
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive