June 16, 2016

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B Aristocrat ‘Snowy Owl’ x self
(glauca x digbyana)
is a primary hybrid that showcases the best of both parents. The heavy-textured flowers are light green with a hint of rose. The creamy glauca-type lip has a slight fringe with chartreuse in the throat. This clone was used by Stewart Orchids in their breeding program.
2", $10

B Jimminey Cricket ‘Super Bug’ HCC/AOS
(B nodosa x B digbyana)
Is a primary hybrid. The green flowers are 6½” and they produce a heavenly night fragrance. These plants are intermediate to warm growers and like bright light. The beauty of these plants is that they do not grow much higher than 12 inches and have large flowers.
4", $18
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

BLC Bouton D’or ‘Halcyon’ AM/AOS X BLC Hawaiian Discovery
This hybrid should produce well-shaped bright orange four to five inch flowers similar to the picture above.
2 1/2", $18
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

BLC Chrissy Compton ‘Mary Piazza’
(BLC Bryan Wheeler x Hausermann’s Amy)
is a large full sized cattleya which has a lovely splashed petals in dark lavender/burgundy. The sepals are a contrasting light pink. This is a very BOLD and SHOWY cattleya hybrid.
5", $30

BLC Guess What x Schomburgkia lueddemannii
The Guess What has 4” yellow/orange flowers with a small amount of red veining on the petals and side lobes of the lip. Schomburgkia lueddemannii is the largest flowered Schomburgkia with flowers so large they drupe. If spread out flat they would be in excess of 10 inches. We hope for large star-shaped orange flowers with heavy blushing of red.
2 1/2", $14

BLC Guess What ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x SLC Golden Treat ‘Yellow Lip’
This hybrid should produce large clusters of twelve or more bright yellow to orange to red flowers when mature. BLC Guess What produces strong stems with 7-9 flowers of intense orange-gold flowers. BLC Golden Treat should add rich reds and oranges and improve the flower size and count. We are looking forward to what this cross will produce.
2 1/2", $22

BLC Haiku Dawn ‘Sunshine and Raspberries’ AM/AOS
(BL Richard Mueller x BLC Goldenzelle ‘Lemon Chiffon’)
This Richard Mueller hybrid has a nearly 5” chrome yellow flowers with a bright yellow throat and red waterfall splash spots toward the apex of the lip. The flowers are displayed on modest, compact foliage and should bloom twice a year
2 1/2", $16
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

BLC Toshie Aoki ‘Pizzaz’ AM/AOS
(Faye Miyamoto x Waianae Flare)
This meristem produces large deep yellow flowers with red flares and ruby red velvety lips. When in bloom this produces quite a show!
2 1/2", $14

BLC Waianae Leopard ‘Ching Hua’ HCC/AOS
This plant produces clusters of densely spotted and fragrant blooms on upright stems. The flowers will have a very waxy texture and will be long-lasting. The flowers have a light yellow background, all with magenta to burgundy spotting. It is temperature tolerant and easy to grow.
2 1/2", $14
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

C Atalanta alba 'Hawaii'
(leopoldii x warscewiczii
C Atalanta is an old primary hybrid between C leopoldii and C warscewiczii. The normal color form is a medium lavender but this advanced remake uses both alba forms of the species thereby producing waxy light lime green flowers with a white lip. The flower stems have high flower counts and the plants will be robust growers. You will have quite a dazzling show when in bloom.

4", $16
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

C Caudebec Candy
(LC Lulu ‘Hot Pink’ AM/AOS x C Caudebec ‘Marty’s Orchids’)
This hybrid produces long-lasting spotted light pink 4" flowers highlighted with grape spots. Heavier color saturation should be on the petals, coming from the flared petals of Lulu.
4", $22
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

C DiPozii Tiziano
(C Pão do Acúcar x intermedia aquinii)
This is a hybrid that was made in Brazil several years ago and has a large range of progeny. Some have bloomed with blue spots while most have been splashed petaled in the lavender colors.
2 1/2", $14

C Elbowri
(C bowringiana ‘Joya de Belize’ X C elongata ‘Chocolate Dream’)
This remade hybrid brings an unusual form of bowringiana found above the tree line in Belize. The plants are stunted but have very dark, heavy textured flowers. The elongata is a large plant with a tall spike of 4” flowers. We are expecting moderate sized plants with clusters of iridescent flowers held well above the leaves. Should be very nice!
2 1/2", $12
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

C Fort Motte x C harrisoniae 'Royal Robe'
This cross is a new spotted bifoliate cattleya. We anticipate easy summer blooming plants with heads of flowers. The flowers should have a fluorescent lavender base color with dark burgundy to black spotting. Should be very showy! Blooming and plant growth should be much improved over the Fort Motte parent.
4", $18
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

C Mrs. Mahler
(guttata ‘kathleen’ HCC/AOS x bicolor ‘Calliope’ HCC/AOS)
This is a remake of a primary hybrid that was originally registered in 1901. This remake uses lighter-colored flowers, both with heavy spots. There is a unique appeal to this new lighter colored and heavily spotted remake over the more commonly seen C. Mrs. Mahler clone ‘ Mem. Fred Tompkins’.
4", BS, $26

C Peckhaviensis
(C aclandiae x schilleriana 4N)
is compact plant with 4” waxy brown flowers which have dark burgundy spots and a brilliant magenta lip. Very attractive! The plants can bloom twice a year.
4" Basket, $22
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

Dend Royal Vista ‘SVO I’ x Dend speciosum ‘Windemere’ HCC/AOS
This is a unique hybrid between two Austrailian dendrobiums. Dend. Royal Vista is a cross between Beryl Wuth and Hilda Poxon. It has large purple flowers with nearly an all white lip. Dendrobium speciosum is receccive for color and we are expecting large lavender flowers on upright stems.
2 1/2", $14
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

ENC michuacana x ENC cordigera 'Picardy'
This is an unusual hybrid between Encyclia michuacana and Encyclia cordigera. Encyclia michuacana is a large terrestrial plant from western Mexico that has four-foot heavily branched spikes with hundreds of small 1” dark brown flowers. Encyclia cordigera ‘Picardy’ is known for its particularly dark flowers on well-branched spikes … it is the Columbian form that has a track record for breeding very dark flowers. We anticipate this hybrid to produce very dark flowers around 1½” to 2” on a spike with at least 50 flowers at maturity. As of now there has only been one registered hybrid made with Encyclia michuacana so this is uncharted territory for breeding.
2 1/4", $16

ENC odoratissima x ENC aromatica
We made this primary encyclia hybrid for two reasons. One – hopefully the plant should produce extremely fragrant flowers and two – for its floriferousness. Both species are some of the first encyclias to bloom late winter/spring. Hopefully we will have tons of flowers on heavily branched spikes while maintaining the tendency to bloom just above the foliage on the fairly compact plants. The flowers will be in the green to a brick color – not necessarily the most flashy but certainly should be a very nice hybrid particularly for under light or windowsill growers.
4" Basket, $16
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

EPC Corrientes Paye FCA ‘Bartley Schwarz’ HCC/AOS
(EPC Purple Glory x ENC Chiapas)
This is a real unusual and unique Epicattleya hybrid. Encyclia Chiapas is a primary hybrid between cordigera and adenocaula. EPC Purple Glory is a hybrid between adenocaula and C violacea. This plant blooms with very large 3” flowers on 30” lightly branched spikes. The flowers have a very heavy color saturation.
2 1/2", $16
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive
EPC Kyoguchi x L Gold Star
This is a seedling that should have tall spikes with the potential for 20 or more 2" bright golden flowers, many having purple or purple striped lips. Interesting genetics in this hybrid has Encyclia aromatica crossed with Cattleya aurantica and that hybrid crossed with a primary of Laelia flava by Laelia harpophylla.
2 1/2", BS, $18

L Finckeniana
(albida 'SVO' HCC/AOS x anceps ‘Ft Caroline’ HCC/AOS)
This hybrid that produces a smaller, more managable plant similar to the Laelia albida parent but has the flowers that look like a white anceps. We have used our stock photo of a tipo form of Finckeniana but are anxious to see the color segregation from this hybrid using the blue form of Laelia anceps. Expectations can range from the semi-albas to blues but we expect most to be light pastel with a darker lip, similar to our flower photo.
4", BS, $24

LC Canhamiana
(L purpurata v manderiana ‘Schmitt’ x C mossiae v coerulea ‘Alayon’)
is our hybrid between two unique light-colored forms of the parents. The plants have been vigorous growers in and out of flask and should produce large flowers of satin pinks--Very different from the common form of this hybrid.
4", $16

LC Jalapa 'SVO' x SLC Love Fresh 'SVO Ruby Lips'
This hybrid should produce red to dark orange colored flowers with red lips on compact plants.
2 1/2", $16
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

LC Kaizu Comfort 'Jewell's' X L dayana 'Lip Service'
LC Kaizu Comfort is a primary hybrid between Cattleya intermedia alba and Laelia bradi alba but has flowers blooming out pink or blue depending on the night temperatures, cooler nights favor the blue color. Laelia dayana ‘Lip Service’, a semi-alba, is from a selfing of Laelia dayana coerulea and also can bloom bluer with lower night temperatures. We expect a range of colors with these seedlings … anywhere from semi-alba to interesting blues. Plants should stay compact and range from 6 to 8” tall.
2 1/2", $12
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

LC Molly Tyler ‘Black River’ AM/AOS x self
‘Black River’ is the extraordinary clone of Molly Tyler and a robust grower. It has large bouquets of well-shaped dark lavender-purple 4” flowers that appear well above the foliage. It doesn't get much better than this!
2 1/2", $14
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

LC Trick or Treat x C lawrenceana
"We re-made this still unnamed cross after having seen Ed Merkle’s photograph of this hybrid. We used the flamea variety of lawrenceana so we expect some red flaring in the petals also. According to Ed’s description the plant will mature at less than 10” with well-displayed clusters of 4” flowers.

Thanks to Ed Merkle from Merkle’s Orchids for the use of his photo.
2 1/2", $12
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

POT Frank Gilmore ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS x BLC Toshie Aoki ‘Pizazz’ AM/AOS
Has produced exquisite flowers. As you can see from the first-bloomed seedling below you can see that Cattleya dowiana is in the background of this hybrid. The intense colors and the Cattleya dowiana veining is extremely extraordinary.
5", $22

POT Love Triangle 'Doris'
(San Damiano x C Chocolate Drop)
Using the very nice Cattleya Chocolate Drop, this hybrid will produce heads of vibrant red flowers in the 4" range. Substance will be heavy so flowers will be long lasting.
4", $18
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

POT Mark's Valentine
(SLC Circle of Life x POT Little Toshie)
Compact plant producing round flat flowers several times a year. Flowers range from pale red to darker red with yellow eyes. The flowers have a good substance and the lip is velvety.
3", $14

POT Salmon Splendor ‘Glorious’
(Yellow Glory x BLC Oconee)
produces large 6” plus flowers which has a peach colored base with the petals heavily blushed with a darker red and the lip almost solid burgundy red. The lip is outlined with a lighted color picotee. Very attractive and unique color combination!
5", $26

RCDM Orchidom Alameda Beth x (Tol Alameda Joy x RDCM Thanks Susan)
A very prolific equitant oncidium (Tolumnia) hybrid that produces clouds of 1¼” golden yellow flowers that are highlighted by mahogany petals, sepals and blushing on the skirt.
2" net pot, $14

SLC Circle of Life
('Hot Pants' AM/AOS x 'Sacred Heart' HCC/AOS)
Is a compact Sophronitis coccinea x Lc. Culminant hybrid. This particular cross is between two exceptional sibling plants that were selected for their bright color and round flowers.
4", BS, $22

SLC Fuchsia Doll
(Laelia sincorana x SLC Sierra Doll)
The plants are miniature and produce large 3 1/2" flowers for the size of the plant. This cross can bloom a couple of times per year. This hybrid is a great windowsill plant.
3", BS, $16
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

SLC Golden Treat 'Big Red' x self
(LC Trick or Treat x SLC Golden Wax)
This hybrid produces large heads of glistening, waxy red flowers with yellow in the lips. Very attractive and eye-catching when in bloom.
2 1/2", $18
Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

SLC Life's Melody
(SLC Magic Melody x SLC Circle of Life)
is a very nice compact growing cattleya. The flowers can range from white, to pink, to yellow with flares on the petals. Very nice!
4", BS, $18

Tolumnia Esther Oka ‘Lakeview’ x Tolumnia triquetra
This cross is expected to make medium sized plants with shorter, heavily branched spikes that will have many flowers open simultaneously. There should be a fair percentage of plants with spotted flowers while all should be expected to have the dominate red mask from triquetra.
2" net pot, BS,
$12 Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

Tolumnia Golden Gem
(Jamaica x guianense)
This is a nice equitant cross between TOL Jamaica and TOL guianense which has lots of large flowers on rather tall spikes. The flowers range from bright yellow to almost white, most with a mask of dark red. Plants are very vigorous growers
2" net pot, BS,

Tolumnia Helen Brown
(triquetra x variegata)
This is a primary hybrid that was originally made by W.W. Goodale Moir in 1956 and named for a famous movie star of that period ... Helen Hayes Brown. We have remade the cross and are hoping for easy growing plants with short spikes of pastel yellow flowers, highlighted with red masks.
2" net pot, BS,
$12 Photo is representative of the plant you will receive

Tolumnia Phyllis Envy 'Cherry' x Tolumnia pulchella
A very nice equitant Oncidium hybrid seedling that should produce clouds of large pink spotted flowers, desirable round shape all on moderate long spikes that will rebloom several time for a long show of color.
2" net pot, NBS,