LC. Mini Blue Star

LC. Mini Blue Star

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(LC. Mini Purple var. coerulea 4N x LC. Cornelia var. coerulea 'Floralia')

LC. Mini Purple is a primary hybrid between the coerulea forms of C. walkeriana and L. pumila. It produces fantastic small plant with relatively large (approximately 3-4”) blue flowers with a darker lip. It bloom a couple times a year and makes a great windowsill grower since the plant reaches only 6-8” tall. LC. Cornelia is a classic primary hybrid between the coerulea forms of C. labiata and L. pumila. The plant is very compact with a relatively large blue flower with a darker blue lip and yellow throat. We expect to see offspring to have a nice compact plant with large blue flowers with a deeper blue lip.

(The flower picture is from one of our first-bloomed plants from this cross. The flower has tremendous color, shape, and is about 5" wide on an 8" tall plant in a 3" pot.)

(Blooming size.)

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