Lcn. Jewell's Splendor

Lcn. Jewell's Splendor

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(LC. Molly Tyler ‘Black River’ AM/AOS x Schom. splendida)

‘Black River’ is an extraordinary awarded clone of Molly Tyler. It has large bouquets of well-shaped dark lavender-purple 4” flowers that appear well above the foliage. The dark brown, deeply-saturated flowers of Schomburgkia (Laelia) splendida bloom on top of tall, stately spikes. The resulting unique hybrid should produce clusters of large dark purple flowers on upright spikes with some of the Schomburgkia shape carrying through. Plants will be robust as both parents are vigorous growers.

(The flower picture is a first-bloomed seedling from this cross.)

(4” about 1-2 years from blooming size.)
(6” Near blooming size.)

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