BLC. Booth Lee

BLC. Booth Lee

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(BC. Maikai 'Lea' HCC/AOS 4N x LC. Jalapa 'Ruben's' 4N)

This is a remake of a hybrid that was registered in 2001 using tetraploid parents. BC. Maikai is a primary hybrid between B. nodosa and C. bowringiana. It has lovely star-shaped flowers typical of nodosa hybrids that are lavender with a large nodosa-type lip that is spotted in darker lavender. LC. Jalapa is a primary hybrid between C. leopoldii and L. milleri that produces upright inflorescences with many heavy-textured red flowers with dark maroon spots. The pairing of these parents will produce robust plants with upright growth and inflorescences carrying large groupings of star-shaped wine-magenta flowers with lip characteristics of nodosa ancestry with magenta spots.

(Blooming size.)

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