BLC. M and D Fliss 'Dreamsicle' x L. anceps var. guerro

BLC. M and D Fliss 'Dreamsicle' x L. anceps var. guerro

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LC. M and D Fliss 'Dreamsicle' (LC. Angel Heart x BLC. Orange Nugget) is a treasured plant in our stud collection that we absolute love! It is compact and produces upright stems with clusters of fantastic "creamsicle" colored flowers and a bright yellow lip with a pink picotee and distinctive maroon marking in the throat. We have crossed it with L. anceps var. guerro that blooms on tall inflorescences with multiple flowers that are pink with darker splashed petals and a deep fuchsia lip. We are so excited to see this cross and expect upright inflorescences that sit above the foliage that carry multiple art-shade flowers. The plants have been vigorous growers!

These are nice-sized plants in the 2" pots.

(About 1-2 years from blooming size.)

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