BLC. Matty’s Blue

BLC. Matty’s Blue

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(BLC. Grezaffi’s Blue 'Shawn' HCC/AOS x C. DiPozzi Tiziano 'JO Blue Spots')

This is one of our most recently named hybrids that we made between two really great coeruleas. BLC. Grezaffi’s Blue is a parent that is used to increase flower count as it produces 5-6 flowers per stem. The flowers of the ‘Shawn’ clone are a beautiful baby blue. LC. DiPozzi Tiziano ‘JO Blue Spots’ is a wonderful bifoliate cattleya that has pale flowers, slate blue lip, and a smattering of spots concentrated toward the ends of the sepals and petals. We have only bloomed a couple seedlings from this cross, and we see a predominance of the BLC. Grezaffi’s Blue parent in shape and coloration.

(5” about 1 year from blooming size.)

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