C. Chongkolnee

C. Chongkolnee

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(C. Chocolate Drop 'SVO' AM/AOS x C. bowringiana 4N)

This is remake of a hybrid registered in 1973 that is so beautiful! C. Chocolate Drop 'SVO' AM/AOS is an awarded primary hybrid between C. leopoldii and C. aurantiaca. The inflorescences are covered in a mass of very glossy, waxy textured flowers that are a deep reddish-chocolate color with a red lip. The C. bowringiana used in this cross is a tetraploid and has masses of lavender flowers with a deeper-colored lip. The resulting hybrid should produce strong, upright plants with masses of waxy burgundy flowers. What beautiful results to anticipate!

(About 1-2 years from blooming size.)

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