C. Hamana Egret

C. Hamana Egret

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(C. walkeriana var. semi-alba 'Tokyo #1' AM/AOS 4N x C. Dubiosa 'Scully' HCC/AOS)

C. walkeriana var. semi-alba 'Toyko #1' is a well-known awarded semi-alba clone of this ultra compact hadrolaelia species. It has crystalline white flowers and a saturated fuchsia lip. The awarded 'Scully' clone of C. Dubiosa (C. loddigesii x trianae) has long-lasting beautifully shaped white flowers that bloom with up to nine flowers per inflorescence and has proven itself in breeding. The introduction of this primary hybrid should up the flower count and the bloom longevity from the walkeriana parent. We expect to see several white flowers per stem with some fuchsia coloring in the lip of this easy growing plant.

(The flower picture is C. walkeriana var. semi-alba 'Tokyo #1' AM/AOS)

(Blooming size.)

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