Enc. David M. Johnston (moebusii x atrorubens)

Enc. David M. Johnston (moebusii x atrorubens)

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(Enc. moebusii x atrorubens)

This is the latest hybrid we named after my dad, the founder of Jewell Orchids. He was quite an Encyclia collector and made this hybrid using two of his favorites. As it was one of his last hybrids, and using two Encyclia species he loved, we thought it was only fitting for this primary hybrid to carry his name. Encyclia moebusii is a very hard-to-come-by compact species from northeastern Cuba. Encyclia atrorubens is a species native to the Oaxaca and Guerrero states of Mexico. It has branched spikes and carries an abundance of flowers per inflorescence. In the hybrid offspring, we have noticed the plants are staying super compact--8" tall or so, yet are making quite a show with lightly branched 3' spikes. All of this while blooming in 2" pots! We can't wait to see what this cross is going to do as the plants mature--we anticipate tight foliage that will be able to remain in small pot sizes and bloom with an abundance of spikes. We grow the parent plants in baskets and have great results...and always a great show when blooming!

(About 1 year from blooming size.)

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