Enc. Tamcorata ‘Lava Lip’ x Orchid Jungle

Enc. Tamcorata ‘Lava Lip’ x Orchid Jungle

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Encyclia Tamcorata is a hybrid between Enc. Atropine (tampensis x cordigera) and Enc. alata. It has chartreuse flowers with a chocolate-colored overlay and a really fantastic rose-colored striated lip. Encyclia Orchid Jungle is a cross between Enc. alata and Enc. phoenicea. It has large dark flowers that are very fragrant and can last almost two months. We are anticipating fragrant chocolate flowers with a really beautiful striated lip with the classic Encyclia shape but with influences of each of the four species in its ancestry.

The flower pictures is of Enc. Orchid Jungle.

(About 2 years from blooming size plants.)


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