Encv. Winter Green

Encv. Winter Green

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(B. cordata var. alba x Enc. mariae 'Gabriel Amaru' AM/AOS)

Here is a unique primary hybrid between Brassavola cordata (subulifolia) var. alba and Encyclia (Prosthechea) mariae. B. cordata is a species native to Jamaica that has up to six flowers per inflorescence and is fragrant at night. Enc. mariae is a species native to northwestern Mexico. The 3” flowers open with a vibrant candy-apple-green color and mature to chartreuse and has a distinctive large white lip. In this hybrid, we should see multiple flowers per inflorescense--green sepals and petals, likely with sider segments than the B. cordata parent, and a large white lip.

(The flower picture is of Enc. mariae.)

(About 1-2 years from blooming size.)

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