L. dayana var. semi-alba 'Lip Service'

L. dayana var. semi-alba 'Lip Service'

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This is a division of one of our favorite L. dayana plants in our stud collection. We obtained an original division of this clone many years ago from Steven Christoffersen. His description of this plant was as follows: ”Laelia dayana semi-alba 'Lip Service' emerged out of a population of a selfing of L. dayana coerulea 'Chuo-jo'. Flowers feature the great open flat shape of a coerulea form of the species, and feature white sepals and petals slightly flushed with an imperceptible pink. The lip coloration is beautiful and features a very pronounced fuchsia lip surround and keels. All lip coloration is very well defined and stands out with its clarity against the white background.”

(The flower picture is from this exact plant.)

(Plants are bare root front bulb blooming size divisions with a minimum of three fully grown pseudobulbs and one new growth.)

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