LC. Aloha Bleu

LC. Aloha Bleu

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('Gracielle' x 'Ray King')
(LC. Bebe Bleu x L. dayana)

This is a sib crossing of two of the best LC. Aloha Bleu clones in our collection. This hybrid was originally registered by Jack Woltman in 1993. We acquired our stud plants used in this sibling cross in the 90s, and they still remains some of our favorite blue mini-catts! The plants are only slightly bigger than L. dayana (C. bicalhoi) and produce a wonderful baby blue flower with a deep blue lip. The 'Gracielle' clone shown in the flower picture has spectacular shape and coloring. The 'Ray King' clone is also very nice and has an even darker lip. We will only be releasing a few plants from this sib crossing and expect to see some really nice coerulea mini-catts! 

The flower pictures is LC. Aloha Bleu 'Gracielle'.

(Blooming size plants.)

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