LC. Callistoglossa

LC. Callistoglossa

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(C. warscewiczii 'Alexandra' x L. purpurata v flamea)

Cattleya warscewiczii is a large Colombian species also known as Cattleya gigas. The flowers are a rich lavender color and are giant! Laelia (Cattleya) purpurata is a species from Brazil and is one of our favorite summer-blooming species! The variety flamea has large magnificent crystalline white flowers with a vivid fuchsia lip and heavy flaring on the petals. It also has a heavenly fragrance! From this hybrid, we will see large cattleya plants carrying large flowers with richly saturated coloring in the flowers, and hopefully some flares on the petals. This will be a truly magnificent plant at full maturity.

(Near blooming size.)

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