LC. Heavenly Moonlight

LC. Heavenly Moonlight

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(C. x whitei X LC. Gaskell-Pumila ‘Azure Star’ HCC/AOS)

Cattleya Whitei is a primary hybrid between warneri and schilleriana. The Whitei we used for this hybrid has flowers of good substance, fantastic pale blue sepals and petals, and a gorgeous lip, which is dominant in breeding. LC. Gaskel-Pumila 'Azure Star' is one of our favorites with tremendous blue coloration and gorgeous spashes of color on the sepals and petals. We expect flowers with a medium color saturation on the tepals but with a great slate blue wide lip--hopefully some will even have the Azure Star flares. The plants should stay compact and on the shorter side, flowers in the 6" wide range.

(Near blooming size.)

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