LC. Jewell's Slokje

LC. Jewell's Slokje

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(LC. Kaizu Comfort 'Jewell's' X L. dayana 'Lip Service')

LC. Kaizu Comfort is a primary hybrid between Cattleya intermedia var. alba and Laelia bradei var. alba but has flowers blooming out pale pinkish/bluish. Laelia dayana ‘Lip Service’, a semi-alba, is from a selfing of Laelia dayana var. coerulea. We have seen several of this hybrid bloom--all have had fabulous crystalline flowers with light pink coloring, deeper colored lips, and rich yellow throat. The flower picture is from one of our first-bloomed seedlings and is very representative of the majority of the flowers we've seen bloom.

(About 1 year from blooming size plant.)

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