LC. Mari's Song 'CTM 217' HCC/AOS x SLC. Angel Eyes 'SVO' AM/AOS

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This is cross between two lovely flared awarded hybrids. LC. Mari's Song 'CTM 217' is a strong compact plant that is a consistently good breeder with dominant flaring. The full, round flowers have pastel pink sepals and a lip and peloric petals of yellow with dark fuchsia flares! SLC. Angel Eyes is a much smaller plant with flat flowers and strong flaring as well. The flowers are a saturated watermelon color with large, heavily flared petals and a beautiful yellow lip touched with the watermelon color on the lower section and around the margins. We definitely anticipate good flaring in the offspring and a nice, compact-sized plant that blooms multiple times per year as both parents do.

(Blooming size.)

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