LC. Redland

LC. Redland

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(L. anceps var. guerrero x C. violacea var. semi-alba flamea 'Mirtha Isabel' FCC/AOS)

Laelia anceps var. guerrero is a form that produces more rounded flowers than a typical anceps. They are pink/lavender with darker magenta in the petals. The flowers are held high above the foliage by a strong spike. The Cattleya violacea used in this cross is a highly awarded clone of a very unique form of this species. At the time of awarding, the plant produced five 4 1/2" wide flowers on a single inflorescence that were cream-colored with a magenta overlay on the sepals and a heavier magenta overlay on the petals. It was particularly commended for its "exceptional color and outstanding form." We have high expectations for the offspring from this cross and anticipate seeing good flower count on spikes that carry the magenta flowers well above the foliage.

(About 2+ years from blooming size.)

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