Pot. Little Toshie 'H&R' AM/AOS x L. angereri 'Best'

Pot. Little Toshie 'H&R' AM/AOS x L. angereri 'Best'

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This is a hybrid we made using the prolific parent Pot. Little Toshie and the rupicolous Laelia angereri. The awarded clone Pot. Little Toshie 'H&R' AM/AOS has excellent form and is butter yellow heavily overlaid with orange and a dark red lip. L. angereri has 2” to 2½” orange flowers with a frilled lip that are held well above the foliage on a tall upright spike. Of the plants from this cross that we have bloomed, we have seen well-formed art-shade flowers that are presented nicely.

(Flower pictures is from a first-bloomed plant from this cross.)


(Blooming size.)

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