Schom. schultzei x  lueddemannii

Schom. schultzei x lueddemannii

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This is a primary hybrid of two great Schomburgkia species (now known as Laelia). Schom. schultzei is a species from South America (syn. Laelia schultzei; Schomburgkia rosea v. schultzei). The long-lasting waxy flowers are a rich red mahogany with curled edges and the lips are a bright fuchsia. The flowers have a citrus scent during the afternoon. Schom. lueddemannii is a large warm-growing species native to Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. The plant is robust and produces very tall spikes with a cloud of flowers at the top at maturity. The frilled flowers are a glossy mahogany color with a cream colored lip with touches of yellow and pink. This is a very impressive plant when mature and in flower! In this primary hybrid, we expect to see very robust large plants that produce long-lasting waxy heads of flowers on tall, upright spikes.  

(Near blooming size.)

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