Schom. Wellesley 'Nelda' AM/AOS x moyobambae

Schom. Wellesley 'Nelda' AM/AOS x moyobambae

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Schomburgkia (Laelia) Wellesley is a primary hybrid between Schom. lyonsii x Schom. superbiens. It produces tall spikes topped with a cloud of non-resupinate (upside down) flowers like the lyonsii parent and are purple like the superbiens parent. Schom. moyobambae also has tall spikes with cloud of flowers. They are particularly "frilly" or undulated and are almond-colored with a delicate pink lip. We are expecting the introduction of moyobambae will result in more intensity of color in the flowers and heavier undulation in the petals and sepals. The Schomburgkia-type Laelias make for a fabulous show and have been super easy growers for us.

(Flower pictures is of Schom. moyobambae.)

(About 2+ years from blooming size.)

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