C. Jewell’s Heavenly Mist

C. Jewell’s Heavenly Mist

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(C. Capra var. coerulea x intermedia var. coerulea 'Delft Flare')

Cattleya Capra is a primary hybrid between Cattleya amethystoglossa and Cattleya labiata. It was originally made by the English firm of Charlesworth LTD in 1910. Here we have used the remade coerulea form which has regal stature, excellent color and substance. We have hybridized it with an advanced form of Cattleya intermedia aquinii coerulea. We expect moderate-sized plants bearing heads of four to five 4” flowers with excellent color - about 50% should be splashed. All of this hybrid should have excellent lip color.

(The flower picture is from one of our first-bloomed plants from this cross.)

(Blooming size plants.)

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