C. Adel's Treasure

C. Adel's Treasure

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(C. warneri var. coerulea x lawrenceana var. coerulea)

This is a potentially awardable new blue cross from Carson Whitlow! We have been thrilled with the Cattleya lawrenceana coerulea breeding and we know you will not be disappointed in this hybrid. Based on what we have seen from the first plants blooming for us, we expect most to follow suit carrying multiple five to six inch flowers with light blue sepals and petals and with a dominant dark trumpet lip of Cattleya lawrenceana. The plants will be intermediate size and compact growing.

(2.5" is about 2+ years from blooming size.)
(4" is about 1-2 years from blooming size.)
(5" is about 1 year from blooming size.)

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