C. lawrenceana x C. aurantiaca 4N

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We are excited to see the offspring from this primary hybrid. We made a cross several years ago between C. lawrenceana and LC. Trick or Treat which has a strong C. aurantiaca influence and were beyond pleased with the results. Genetics are a funny thing, so we'll see what this hybrid holds, but that's the fun of growing hybrids! C. lawrenceana has a beautiful lavender color with a distinctive tube-shaped lip which hides the column and blooms with multiple flowers per inflorescence. C. aurantiaca is an upright plant that produces clusters of brilliant orange flowers. The aurantiaca used in this hybrid is a tetraploid which gives the flowers more substance and fuller shape than a typical aurantiaca. What we have seen so far from this cross are nice upright spikes carrying multiple flowers in various art shades ranging from yellow to very dark red/orange with red/purple flaring on the petals. The flower picture is from one of the first-bloomed plants from this cross. 

(Blooming size.)

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