C. Brazilian Jewel

C. Brazilian Jewel

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(C. walkeriana var. coerulea x nobilior var. coerulea)

This cross is between the two sometimes confused Brazilian species walkeriana and nobilior. There is a natural hybrid found and that is recognized as Cattleya x mesquitae, but to my knowledge, there has been no natural blue forms found so we are going with the registered Brazilian Jewel. Plants can be expected to be small with mostly bifoliate leaves (nobilior) and bloom from modified new growths similar to both parents. Flowers will be in the 4” range and will be very fragrant. When well grown, this hybrid can be expected to bloom more than the once per year.

(The flower picture is of C. Brazilian Jewel var. coerulea.)

(About 2 years from blooming size.)

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